Thursday, January 24, 2008

What I don't want for my birthday:

Urinal Cake
Likewise, I believe that no person in his or her right mind would bake, serve or eat "Litterbox Cake." has published the recipe, described as thus:
"Litterbox Cake is a moist, tasty medley of cake and instant pudding accented with green cookie crumbs and chocolate candy “turds”. It’s especially appropriate for a cat-lover’s wedding or birthday, but really it’s hard to think of an occasion when a Litterbox Cake wouldn’t hit the spot."
There's a photo of the cake, which you can see here if you must. It is served in a tray lined with a plastic bag and is doled out with—you guessed it—a slotted cat litter scoop.

Have you ever heard the term batsh!t crazy? Do you know how many degrees of batsh!t crazy you'd have to be to serve this at a wedding?

"If you're not familiar with the appearance of kitty litter or kitty feces," the recipe says, "do some research."

I think I can help you out there. And trust me: You're not gonna like it.

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