Wednesday, January 16, 2008

For the refined, tea-drinking zombie

I can't believe the amount of mail I've received regarding my recent piece Zombies: Can they Distinguish Tea from Coffee? A most interesting letter came from Edwina in Prague. Here it is, along with my response:

Dear Henry:

My friend (name withheld to protect identity) is a zombie who is a bit of gourmand and a discriminating tea drinker. He is a purist, preferring to brew pots of looseleaf tea. However, as you may know, zombies are always on the go. He has a birthday coming up, and I'd love to find a useful and unique gift for him (he has EVERYTHING)—maybe something like a traveling tea pot? It appears that you are well-read on all the latest gadgets (though you don't seem impressed with any of them).

Dear Edwina:

This is uncanny. It so happens, I have some friends who own a company called Gamila, and they have invented a tea accessory that Name-Withheld-To-Protect-Identity will adore. He will not believe his dead, cold eyes! The Teastick (pictured above) is a product that enables the tea connoisseur to quickly and conveniently prepare single-cup servings of loose-leaf tea. I'm not a tea-drinker myself (I tried catnip tea once and it was ghastly), but I have seen the Teastick at work,
and it is a truly clever device (unlike my lazy-Susan litter box and cocktail tray). So hop on over there and order one for Name-Withheld-To-Protect-Identity. You'll be glad you did.

*Disclaimer: I am not employed by Gamila, nor am I a third party who is positioned in any way for pecuniary gain.

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