Friday, January 25, 2008

8 random things about me

Recently I learned about "memes", which as best I can ascertain is when one blogger "tags" another with a challenge to answer a series of questions. Then that person is to pass the challenge on to a bunch of other bloggers. It has a bit of the stink of a chain letter, I think. So as a pre-emptive strike, I'm going to provide my answers to the ubiquitous meme "8 Random Things About Me." Now you don't have to tag me, and I don't have to tag anyone else.
  1. I am a fiscal conservative.
  2. I have been playing with, I mean exercising with, the same toy for about 6 years. It is a modified tether ball.
  3. When I lived on the streets, I once stole a sandwich from a homeless person.
  4. Besides NFL football, I always clear my calendar for Olympic figure skating. Their motions are somewhat birdlike. And occasionally someone bashes someone else in the shins, which is a lot like football.
  5. I like rats. Not to eat. To observe. I admire their cunning, their creativity and the great extent to which they value extended family. I particularly enjoyed that YouTube video in which someone filmed them having a middle-of-the-night food expedition inside the dining room of a New York City Taco Bell. I love the audio of the person on the sidewalk saying "Look. He's doing tricks for us!" Awwwww. Rats are so cute.
  6. I once had an "auditory itch" or earworm (in which a song gets stuck in your head and plays over and over again) that lasted for about 12 hours. It was "Flamethrower" by J. Geils Band.
  7. When I'm grooming, there is one spot on my back that I can never quite reach.
  8. I am narcoleptic.


Jody said...

Oh my.

Henry, I checked in on you and then looked at your friend Carla's blog. What a coincidence - I also wear a wedding ring that came down through the family from an aunt. It is one of those wide ones.

You know, I suppose you suspect it from the last paragraph, but I am one of those humans. But I like you and I think my dog (should I have warned you that word was coming?) would like you. He is an Australian Shepherd who is getting on in years. Sydney Ranger - that's his name . . . don't ask - once had a kitten sleep on his paws and he wouldn't spill the beans when the little kitten snuck into my mother's house.

Actually, that's how the cat got its name: Sydney's Kitten.

Well, Henry, we hope you have a nice Saturday.

Henry said...

Carla thinks it's neat indeed about that ring—yours and hers. I know that humans attach a lot of sentiment to stuff like that, but I'm more pragmatic. Hand-me-downs are a responsible use of resources.

It is possible that I would like Sydney Ranger. I do not have a wholesale disdain for dogs. I try to judge each creature on its own merits. I require a minimum degree of personal space. There is a dog who visits here occasionally, and I find her inoffensive. Mainly because she is not curious. Curious dogs are dangerous. The new cat in the house is sort of doglike, and it disturbs me. I'm not sure what the long-term will hold for him and for me. But I do know that it will not involve me redefining the minimum criteria for my personal space.

Perhaps Sydney Ranger should start a blog, with the assistance of Sydney's Kitten. I should like to see it.

Yours sincerely,