Monday, January 28, 2008

The sky is falling. Again.

Well, it looks like we're gonna have some sleepless nights around here next month, as I have just learned that a large out-of-control, no-longer-top-secret U.S. spy satellite will crash into Earth, nowhere in particular, sometime in February. I am worried about where a cat might hide from such a thing, and Carla is beside herself.

She is having flashbacks to 1979, when she lay in bed at night wondering whether Skylab — NASA's space-station-gone-rogue — would drop through the roof. No one knew where it would land, and Earthlings were terrified.

Apparently Chicken Little was nowhere near the tiny town of Esperance in western Australia. Otherwise, the "chooks" in Elsie Thornton's chicken pen would've taken cover. Some charred remnants of Skylab littered her farm when it finally fell on July 11, and the chickens suffered post-traumatic stress disorder, Thornton told ABC (the Australian Broadcasting Company). They didn't lay eggs for the rest of the week, she said.

Can someone loan me a crash helmet?

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