Sunday, January 27, 2008

News Update: "Henry The Cat" will live-blog Super Bowl XLII's fashion faux pas and all things absurd

Due to the overwhelming response to Henry's Sports Dish™ Vol. I (readers from 48 states stopped by to check on Tom Coughlin's frostbite and to read my critique of the Fox commentators), I have realized there is an audience hungry for more of the same. Technology willing, I will be live-blogging Super Bowl XLII, commenting on fashion do's and don'ts and other inappropriate displays and utterings.

These are situations I'll be monitoring with particular interest:
  • What, pray tell, will Archie Manning will be wearing? It is my hope that the man will put on a New York Giants shirt! I was aghast when I saw him sitting in the box at the Giants-Packers NFC championship game wearing an Ole Miss shirt. Was his Giants shirt in the laundry hamper? Is Eli Manning that much of a second-string son? Or is old Arch living in the past, making sure the world remembers from whence he came. Let's hope he doesn't yell out "Go, Rebels!" every time New York gets a first down.
  • Based on average temperatures in Phoenix for this time of year, it will probably be around 60 degrees outside. But weather won't affect participants anyway, as the game at the University of Phoenix stadium will be played sous la roof. The lack of a chill will make the Fox analysts' headgear less interesting. But you never know what might turn up on Terry Bradshaw's head. Keep the faith, fashionistas.
  • Because it won't be six-ways-from-Sunday cold, Tom Coughlin will not have frostbite. However, if he's been hanging out in the tanning bed with Rudy Giuliani this week, he might have a lovely case of raccoon eyes (did you see Mister 9/11 on the Florida campaign trail? Rudy, call your stylist, stat!). At the least, Coughlin might have a booger hanging out of his nose.
Obvious Pigskin Prognostication #1:
Pumpkinhead? Mousse. Lots and lots of mousse.
Fashion Wild Card:
Tom Petty.


Betsy said...

This really made me laugh! Nothing like a good ol in the moment laugh. Thanks!

Henry said...

I am at your service.