Saturday, March 8, 2008

Paid to sleep. Mr. Deutekom, I salute you.

The average cat sleeps 16 hours a day. I guess I'm about average, give or take a few minutes. But now I realize that I've been letting a potential goldmine slip through my paws. Yde van Deutekom, a 22-year-old from the Netherlands, likes to sleep too. By his own admission, it's the only thing he's good at. So rather than get a job, he has launched a Web site that will allow him to stay in bed indefinitely, save for about a half-hour to eat and shower. He sells ads on his Web site and solicits donations. So far, he's been in bed for 25 days and "earned" nearly $10,000.

This young man's enterprise is brilliant, and I'd like to be the first cat to steal his idea. I'm always told I should pull my weight around here. While Deutekom is being paid to be lazy, I and other cats sleep as much as we do because it is simply part of our physiology. (Trust me, no person wants to share a home with a cat plagued by sleep-deprivation, whose side effects include psychosis and homicidal/felicidal tendencies.) So it is without shame that I ask my readers to dig deep into their pockets and toss a little money my way. After all, it is to your advantage that I am well-rested and lucid enough to continue producing a superlative blog.

I accept PayPal, Visa, rupees, euros, pesos, yen and krugerrands (please: no U.S. dollars or Sharper Image gift cards).

Click here to watch me sleep.

Click here to watch the lazy Dutchman.


ThePoliticalCat said...

Henry, my love, you are simply brilliant.

Unfortunately, I can't afford to donate to your little venture, as I am hoping for shekels to keep me (well, los gatos at mi casa, anyway) in kibble. But I shall fondly contemplate your name.

Jody said...

Henry? Henry. Henry! Wake up now.