Saturday, March 29, 2008

Headline: "Henry the Cat Joins Earth Hour '08 Blackout"

This is me, one hour ago, sitting on the bathroom floor, observing Earth Hour against my will. I'm all for conservation, as protecting the planet is to everyone's benefit, humans and mine. But seriously, turn off your lights for an hour? What kind of sacrifice is that when most people will just spend it basking in the glow of the television or blogging by the light of the monitor? Why not suck it up and eschew all electricity for one hour?

I bet if I had turned on the TV to CNN one hour ago, I would have seen the anchors commentating by candlelight, prattling on ad nauseum about the "planet in peril." Hiding in the dark for the hour was the preferable and safest thing to do, as, contrary to popular belief, cats cannot see in the dark. Really. I read it on wikipedia.

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Jody said...

Perhaps, Henry, you should shout, "Horton! Horton! Do you hear me?"