Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Anderson Cooper's Excellent Adventure

Since I recently referred to Anderson Cooper as a blowhard, I thought perhaps I should actually watch an episode of his show to see if my rather cavalier assessment was accurate. The show is AC 360, as CNN dubs it, which puts me in mind of Andre 3000 of OutKast. So naturally, I was expecting something a bit hip. What I wasn't expecting was to see Anderson refer to one of his interview subjects as "dude." Indeed, when his guest James Carville (who Carla informs me is quite a pill) calls himself a Washington outsider, AC360 says "Dude! You're Mister Washington." I looked at Carla, and she said "Now, Ed Bradley was a hepcat, what with his silver beard and earring and all, but he'd sooner French kiss Andy Rooney than call someone "dude" in an interview."

So from the little bit I was able to stomach of AC 360, I can't say for sure if he's a blowhard (though my Spidey senses tell me I'm on to something), but he is unequivocally a buffoon.

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