Monday, February 11, 2008

"It's a toilet, it's a candy dish, it's a garden of floral delights!"

To cats, a litter box is an all-business proposition. For some humans, the "site of evacuation" must be ridiculously disguised as something more. Case in point, the unholy creation pictured here. Your eyes are not deceiving you—that is a decorative glass knob with which you can lift the tank lid.

If you haven't bought a commode in the last 20 years, you'll be surprised at how hard it is to find a throne as uncomplicated as what you've grown accustomed to. At least that's what I've been hearing around this household as The Bathroom Remodel looms closer.

Feline though I am, I'm as bemused as they to learn that today's toilets have model names more fanciful than RX-30 or Low-Flow #12784. The following are actual names of actual toilets sold at your basic big-box store: the Santa Rosa, the Rialto, and the Cimarron. "All the practicality of an American Standard with the cachet of a conquistador's flagship."

My least favorite model: "Memoirs." Sort of "If toilets could talk, oh the tales they'd tell." This is a tome I shan't like to read. I would, however, be happy to pee on it if it were shredded and placed on the floor of my PVC312 Litter Box.

By the way, "Memoirs" is available in the color "Daydream."

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Jody said...

Ah, Henry, for years my younger son has been receiving the current volume of The Bathroom Reader for Christmas. A great deal of interesting information and funny stories; do you suppose there is a Litterbox Reader? Gee, I doubt it. Have a discovered a niche that needs to be filled? I think I'll just go "ho-hum" and bail on this little comparison.

By the way, tell your people friends Sydney and I enjoyed Waking Ned Devine, as well. In fact, we bought it.