Monday, December 1, 2008

I have the utmost respect for your privacy

Let me make that clear right off the bat. I use Google Analytics to track visitor trends. But your identity is unknown to me. I do know, however, what kind of bizarre strings of search words result in "hits" to my blog.

Some of my recent favorites:
  • professional stealing techniques
  • jamie lynn spears smelly feet
  • cartoon porn stars
I've never written about Jamie Lynn Spears (or her feet, which may or may not be malodorous). Nor have I blogged about cartoon porn stars (the things I saw Fritz the Cat doing are best left unmentioned). And professional stealing techniques? There was my confession of having stolen a sandwich from a homeless person, but I didn't describe how one would go about such a thing (if you need Internet lessons on that type of theft, I don't think lack of sustenance is your biggest problem).

I think that thing called "search engine optimization" has a few flaws. Either that, or my blog has a subconscious and these keywords are buried deep within.

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