Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Panties in a wad?

So the Madame says to me today, she says: If you're disrobing for bed and you discover that you've been wearing your underwear inside-out all day, is it OK to flip 'em outside-in and wear 'em again the next day? And I say, Did you just use the word "disrobing"? Are we in a Merchant-Ivory film? Then I look over and see an empty bottle of Nyquil on the floor by the bed underneath mounds and mounds of Kleenex, the sheen of Vick's Vap-o-Rub on her upper lip, and I wonder: Does she even know what she's saying anymore?

I responded: I really don't think this is the kind of question a cat can authoritatively answer. And I promised to send it out to committee.

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Sungold said...

What's with the panties today? I wrote about 'em, too, though in a much more ominous vein. (Hello Kitty!!)

Tell the Madame to get well soon. In the meantime: Yes, my freshman-year RA always said it was fine to turn 'em inside out. And if you were desperate - finals week, for instance, or the Madame's current circumstances - you could then add a panty liner for a third day. She was the daughter of an ambassador so I'm sure she knew about decorum.

Oh, and my son the Tiger has been known to put one leg through the waistband of his undies and then wear one of the leg-holes around his waist. Many variations are possible.