Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Welcome back, Project Runway!

Picture a big stack of plastic cups. Now, imagine what would happen if you cut them into pieces, ironed them and molded them into a dress. Daniel, one of the contestants in the new season of Project Runway, did precisely that, producing the polymerific, bluetacular sensation pictured here. (I can make up words too, Mr. President.)

Project Runway competitors design and create outfits each week in keeping with an assigned theme—with a limited amount of time and a shoestring budget. (Think Soapbox Derby, but with needle and thread.) Last week, contestants were herded into a grocery store and told to grab items (such as blue plastic cups) with which they would design and create a dress. Many of the contestants chose to work with, ho hum, tablecloths. But the more innovative went all out, filling their carts with lawn chairs, flyswatters, pasta, diapers, coffee filters, vacuum cleaner bags, mops, oven mitts, kale and tomatoes.

Jerry was the first contestant to get kicked off the show, after sending his model down the runway wearing a shower curtain and yellow dishwashing gloves. The judges' critique of the outfit? "It looks like something you'd wear if you were killing someone." Indeed.

P.S. I miss you Chris. Love, Henry.

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