Sunday, July 13, 2008

Brett Favre soap opera is winding me up

Only an event of stadium-sized proportion could bring Henry's Sports Dish out of summer hiatus. I'm hurt and disgusted by Brett Favre's recent antics, as are hundreds of thousands of Green Bay Packers fans.

Here's the dish: I admonished Brett back in March to quit whining about being "tired" and annul his unexpected, even scandalous, decision to retire from the NFL. When he refused to listen to me, I licked my wounds and tiptoed away.

I begrudgingly tried to warm up to Aaron Rodgers, knowing this was going to be a tough transition to for me but remembering how impressed I was during his brief and respectable performance on the field last year. I dipped my toe cautiously in the shallow end, gradually adjusting to the idea of the new QB.

Now, all of a sudden, Brett is not tired. In fact, he's been "working out." With less than two months until the Packers kick off their 2008 season at Lambeau Field, he says "I wanna come back!" First, I wasn't sure how to feel. I was all flustered and mixed-up and mood-swingy. I reserved judgment as I watched this drama continue to unfold over the past few days. It's still going on, but I've seen enough. My verdict: Brett Favre has poisoned everything. No matter what happens now.

When he realized he wouldn't be welcomed back as a first stringer, he asked to be released from his contract so he could play somewhere else. The Packers have said no, come back here and play backup to Rodgers or shut your piehole. Bitch slap! I think Favre should be forced to go back, sit on the sidelines, and read aloud the quote he gave to his hometown newspaper back in January:
"I'm not getting any younger. I wake up some days and think I can't even touch my toes. I think about that. I think, well, next year is not going to be like some refreshing, awakening season where all of a sudden you're going to feel great. That's not going to happen."
And you know the best part of it? It just occurred to me that he won't even be able to wear #4 anymore. Because his jersey's already been retired. Oh, that's rich.

Seriously, maybe he will come back, with the expectation that they'll trade him instead of forcing him to eat humble pie. But here's the kicker. As of now I'm no longer in the shallow end for Aaron Rodgers. I'm off the deep end.

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