Saturday, July 26, 2008

Wanna know what happened to Colbert's Threatdown Number 1?

The bloggers are abuzz about the missing Threats from The Threatdown on Thursday's The Colbert Report. I don't know what happened to #5, but you can see it was an act of civil disobedience on my part that caused him to quickly cut to commercial after announcing #2. Above is a copy of the edited footage.

Whether he owns up to it or not, I am the number one threat to Colbert's idea of America, and he doesn't want to throw any attention my way. I've been here, dropping knowledge in a way that Nas could only dream of. Colbert is not even willing to admit that we are arch rivals. That stings.

Nation: The way I look at it, Colbert is the real threat to America, for shrinking from a little healthy competition. A cat who is smarter than he is a true threat—but not to America.

(Nonetheless, I continue to wear my Wrist Strong bracelet. I would never let a feud get in the way of raising awareness about the pervasive threats to wrist health.)

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