Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Golfers fear for their balls

Their assaults on male golfers have cost 50 geese their lives, according to a story by WRAL-TV. The geese infiltrated a gated community in Sanford, N.C., said Tim Hart, supervisor of the complex's golf course.

"We had several golfers reporting getting attacked and getting run off by geese as they were going for their balls," said Hart.

My word! Frightening indeed.

The geese also defecated all over the place and didn't pick up after themselves. So the birds were captured by authorities and "euthanized." Now, I normally think of "euthanized" as something that happens to an animal when he or she is terminally ill. But apparently, it can also happen to you if you poop in the wrong place or take more than a passing interest in a man's family jewels.

I'm so lucky I'm not on the streets anymore. I saw some of my friends rounded up in traps (I warned them, "Don't go in there!) and never heard from them again. I'm sure they were taken to a farm to live with a nice family.

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