Friday, April 4, 2008

Cat warns Colbert: Keep your grubby paws off the Newseum!

American History Museum Director Brent Glass has bowed to pressure and added Stephen Colbert's portrait-in-portrait-in-portrait to the items on display in the Smithsonian's Treasures of American History exhibit, which runs through April 13th. So this goofball's mug now shares the stage with Abraham Lincoln's hat, Dorothy's ruby slippers and Helen Keller's watch. I regret that I didn't get on board in time to have my own portrait considered.

But maybe it's not too late to get my paw in the door at D.C.'s Newseum, which opens April 11. After all, this is an institution that explores the history and import of the contributions of journalism, and I think a blogging cat bloody well deserves her due. I bet Colbert's lackeys are already trying to weasel their way into the Newseum too. Such a mission would fail, of course, because Colbert is a satirist. I, however, am 100% real—in your face with the truth, not the truthiness.

Undoubtedly there's stiff competition for space at the Newseum. But surely there's a spare corner for a modest kiosk showcasing my blog. I know, I've never reported from the battlefield or stayed up all night to bring you election results. But I've missed a lot of naps to bring you my view of the world.

Whaddya say, Newseum?

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