Wednesday, May 21, 2008

DA KO's DC on AI

Much to my surprise, David Archuleta brought it on American Idol last night. He was poised and non-awkward and his vocals were spot on. (Overused idioms and idiotic phrases in italics.) David Cook was a bit bedraggled and pitchy (in a real sense, not in the sense that the music theorially challenged Randy Jackson would say). I agree with Cowell that the bout was a knockout for DA. And that's ALL I'm gonna say about the ungoddessly display of boxing imagery, metaphors and re-enactments. It would be like making fun of a court jester because he's dressed funny. I guess you get what you pay for, so you can't expect a pay-per-view spectacle of heavyweight proportion. For the record, it was 15 minutes into the show before any singing began. Accounting for that and commercials (including the amount of time it took for the judges to say the word "Nokia" a bizillion times), we're looking at 20 minutes of show.

So back to my point. Based just on last night, DA was victorious. But we as voters have to look at each contestant's body of work. It's sort of like America's Next Top Model when one of the girls gets the stomach flu and is not able to pose on the elephant like Danielle did even when she had cholera. Tyra will urge the panel not to eliminate the sicko, because she performed so well at the bullfight and the spider-on-the-face challenges previously. I digress again. Boy, can you tell how much I miss ANTM?

So given the body of work, maturity level and stage presence, I think DC is the one who can represent America best, though I bet this renegade won't wear a flag pin.

Other random notes:
  • Thank you, Clive Davis, for being the only person who chose fantastic, appropriate songs for the Davids. "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me," a magically delicious concoction by EJ and Bernie T., was perfect, and DA did it justice. "Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" was another fabulous pick, and DC pulled it off without doing a Bono impersonation (vocally I mean—there was that jumping up on the ledge part).
  • Randy, get a calendar. This is not the battle of 2007.
  • Paula said to DC: "You're standing in your truth." All that space on stage and DC couldn't keep his feet out of a puddle of truth. Ewwwww.
  • A late comment, but necessary nonetheless: I happened to catch Cowell on Leno, and he said Fantasia's performance last week was atrocious (or some other A word he's fond of). Check this out, dog. Fantasia TORE UP the stage, delivering a performance of a caliber not seen on the show in years. That girl was standing in a puddle of whup-ass. She was so smoking, molten hot, I'm surprised the whole room didn't go up in flames. Thank you, Fantasia, for reminding us of a time when AI was hot, baby, hot!
That's all for now. Sorry this post is late, as there are mere hours before we learn the results. Let's just hope it's not a tie because I'd hate to have to see the superdelegates step in.

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