Sunday, May 4, 2008

The answer to rising food prices: portion control

I'll never forget the tirades around here when the Madame realized that Hill's Science Diet was pulling a number on her and other pet owners. She'd been buying 20-pound bags of their cat food for quite some time at a price of about $27. Then one day while emptying the remains of a bag, she noticed that the stated weight was 17.5 pounds, though the price was still the same. Yes, Hill's had been snookering its customers for apparently quite some time by skimping on contents rather than charging more money.

Well, if you think the catfood caper had the household up in arms, you should've heard the caterwauling when Sir came home this weekend with two tubs of Edy's ice cream. No, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you. The new-and-improved container at left, the one that looks slightly shorter, is 1.5 quarts. The old-school container on the right is 1.75 quarts. You guessed it: same price. Save for looking at the old and new tubs side-by-side, I'd wager most folks wouldn't notice a difference. The resident bill-payers were further affronted because they realized they haven't even been getting a full half-gallon all this time.

What with the rice wars and corn shortages, it's time to start scrutinizing more than the list of ingredients on the label. Those corporate hash-slingers are sneaky bastards.


Jody said...

Do you remember when the ice cream came in TWO-quart containers about three years ago? The people who made the Snicker's had a little slogan on the carton: "Fits better in your freezer" when they dropped the size to 1.75.

ThePoliticalCat said...

Yes, indeedy, Henry. Although I'd be careful about applying the term "caterwauling" to noises made by the Missus, who is clearly in charge of apportioning comestibles at Casa de Henry y padres (madres?) de Henry.