Saturday, January 17, 2009

Inauguration apparently too controversial for some Federal Way students

Humans. You never cease to amaze and entertain me. Some assbackward towns still don't seem to realize that their provincial acts are visible to the outside world via picture-tubes and the inter-webs. The words "laughing stock" should be taught in school districts like Federal Way in Washington State, where the powers-that-be have decided that students must have a signed permission slip from parents in order to watch the inauguration Tuesday.
“There is no big deal. The goal is to once again build partnerships, keep parents informed. Say ‘Hey. This is your child. Your education.’ We think it's a great opportunity. We're going to afford the kids that opportunity, but we want the parents to make that call,” said Dr. Joshua Joseph Garcia, Federal Way's Executive Director of Teaching for Learning.

The concern is that the televised inauguration was not listed in syllabus handed out at the beginning of the term. The district considers the inauguration a full length documentary, unlike some newspaper or internet reference articles which do not require pre-approval.

Students who don’t return the signed forms will go somewhere else for a different assignment.

Oh yeah, the Madame says. Like her fellow classmates who had to sit in study hall instead of going on the field trip because their forgetful parents didn't sign their permission slips.

The Madame tells me that events like shuttle launches, moon-walks and inaugurations of presidents are routine viewing in America's classrooms. We thinks we smell a rat.

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