Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Michelle Obama's inaugural gown ... what will it be?

Before a First Lady had even been "elected," Project Runway alumni were challenged to design an inaugural gown. My girl Leann Marshall, self-described fashion assassin and winner of Season 5, stepped up her game to create a fetching frock out of potato sacks. Unfortunately, it was better suited to Cindy McCain. Really. She would have rocked it. Maybe she could wear something like it when her husband is presented the Mr. Incongeniality Award.

Thankfully, it will be Michelle O. twirling 'round the dance floor on Inauguration Night. With the notable exception of the very Halloweeny dress she selected for Election Night, Mrs. Obama is impeccable in her taste. I wonder how she'd look in red velvet or silk. One blogger has suggested a turquoise satin gown with a sweetheart neckline. I'm open to that. She was pretty in periwinkle on the cover of Newsweek. Very flattering color. Wow, this is not inaugurally appropriate but, wow.

I have only one request of her: Please don't choose a gown with pockets. I'm so sick of seeing celebrities and socialites slouching about in evening gowns with their hands shoved into their pockets. No woman is supposed to look that comfortable in a formal dress. I fully expect them to start mopily kicking a can that fell out of their skirt.

What do you think Mrs. O should wear?


Pinky Glascock said...

I want her to wear her hair up, and a soft blue or lavender dress. Ooh, or maybe an emerald green. I'm thinking strapless with some simple, super shiny diamonds. I like that she wears all those bright colors, but I want her in something more subdued for the ball.

What was up with that election night dress? Oy.

ThePoliticalCat said...

No, no, not subdued! She's such a passionate person, her gown must emphasize her powerful personality. Definitely an upswept 'do, with unusual gem earrings, preferably set in gold to bring out the warm tones of her skin. Something in a rich colour, perhaps viridian, turquoise, or a deep rich red. A sweetheart neckline sounds wonderful. She has a perfect neck and broad shoulders, plus she's not too bosomy so it won't scrunch or gape unattractively. Anything that calls attention to her height and slenderness, preferably unfussy and without those stupid ruffles that women seem to be agog about these days.

ThePoliticalCat said...

A lot of people loved the election night dress. People such as, f'rinstance, myself.

Henry said...

I knew I was walking the line with my public disdain for the Fright Frock. The blogosphere is abuzz with reviews both pro and con, and I do see much to value in the "other side's" view. She took a risk and that's saying something. I just had to go with my immediate reaction, which was much more reserved than the Madame's. She did a wine spit-take and doused the living room carpet--then looked at me and said "That's why I drink red wine instead of white. So I can tell where I spilled it."

Pinky Glascock said...

I'm sticking with subdued colors as my choice - she has a gorgeous smile and a beautiful presence, so doesn't need crazy bright colors. Passion can also smolder, and power, I think, is more meaningful when not flashy.

Also, it's so nice to finally see a black woman seen as a lady and not as the Mylanta or Pine-Sol person, that I want her to stick with a more elegant look.