Friday, October 24, 2008

Isabel, the pufferfish

I received a postcard from the Madame today. It read: "Dear Henry, the Mister caught a pufferfish. He said it looked just like Isabel. He threw it back. He said, how can you eat a fish that looks like one of your cats?"

I googled Northern Pufferfish and here's what I found. I can't locate a good image of Isabel to show you for comparison. But it's unnecessary. This, indeed, may as well be Isabel--from her tortoise shell markings to her corpulent white underbelly to her tailfin. Well, she doesn't really have a tailfin, but she usually has crusty protrusions that bear some likeness. The poor rotund beast has a home health nurse that provides assistance with hygiene. That chore used to fall to The Dog, may he rest in peace.

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