Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sasha Obama to debate Piper Palin

The public debate is already aflurry: Who's cuter—Sasha Obama or Piper Palin? Both 6-year-olds stole the show at the respective Democratic and Republican conventions—Piper by spitting on her baby brother's head and Sasha with her plaintive inquiry, "Where are you, daddy?"

So far, the two are running neck and neck in the polls. But public opinion will certainly sway when the gloves come off and the two take to their debate podiums to deflect missiles from the moderators. How will Sasha explain her lack of a flag pin? And how will Piper defend her copious expectorate?

But will the press dare to ask the important questions? Rumor has it that when it comes to cartoons, Sasha favors Kipper the Dog, who has been hounded since the discovery that his trainer is a Muslim. Piper, on the other hand, likes Tinky Winky, the openly gay Teletubby.

Henry's Travels sincerely hopes that the two will stick to the issues that 6-year-olds really care about—the inflated price of Furbies and rising cost of petro for Barbie's Beach Bus.

With bated Greenies breath, I shall wait.

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