Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Another bad idea: Old Yeller dog food

I'm not kidding. The Madame saw it at the store today and thought she was hallucinating. Made by Disney. Sold by Kroger. You remember Old Yeller. The movie in which the lovable stray dog gets rabies and his owner, a little boy, has to shoot the mutt.

From the Kroger press release announcing the deal:

"The movie is a timeless classic that transcends generations, and we believe this brand will appeal not only to original fans, but to the millions of Americans who share the same kind of special bond with their beloved dogs."

The Madame says she has spent 30 years trying to put that tragic movie ending out of her mind.

What's next? Cat Splat Kibble? Charlotte's Web Tarantula Chow?

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