Friday, August 8, 2008

Marco! Polo!

At first glance, I thought this diagram was a guide to calisthenics. Turns out, these are referee gestures for the sport of water polo. Water polo? A sport that Henry's Sports Dish is not familiar with? Do tell!

A Spectator's Guide to Water Polo laid it out for me: the sport is "a combination of swimming, lacrosse, soccer, ice hockey, rugby, Australian rules football, and professional wrestling. Actions such as pushing, pulling, grabbing, holding, and even sinking a player are not only likely to occur during a game, they are actually legal and encouraged under some circumstances."

A sport where one team tries to drown the other? HSD is totally on board. As luck would have it, the men's polo teams of Spain and Canada will be trying to asphyxiate each other Saturday night in Beijing. I thought only the NFL could satisfy my blood lust. Those wusses. At least they get to breathe while playing.

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