Monday, December 31, 2007

There's An Intruder in the House

I can say with all candor that I've never met a human I didn't like. Cats are a different story. Isabel, Smilla and Pickles are sufferable enough, as they pretty much stay out of my way. But this cat pictured here is a whole different ball of yarn. He is called Max, though that is ostensibly a placeholder name given to him until my "owners" can find this stray cat a home with new people who would ultimately christen him something they thought appropriate. But more and more I hear them talking to him in an increasingly familiar way. "Max, come here!" "Max, stop chasing Henry's tail!" "Max, get outta my cereal bowl!" "Why Max, if you aren't the sweetest thing!" and other exclamations and admonishments beginning with "Max .....!" Frankly, I wonder if this freeloader is ever truly going to leave. My "owners" sometimes read my blog and so, for their benefit, I'm listing things I find intolerable about "Max!"
  • He has been told that cats like having their tails swatted at.
  • He swats at my tail.
  • He chases me all over the place for the purpose of swatting my tail.
OK, that's about it, mainly because I have not let him get close enough to me to force any of his other bad habits on me. As I say in my blog subtitle, my kingdom has 1,800 square feet of space. "Max!" is taking up 1 square foot too much of it. And I think he's getting a little too comfortable there.

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