Sunday, May 22, 2011

Farewell, Henry

Henry, beloved friend of the Madame and Mister, died January 25, 2011 at age 16. If there's snark in the afterlife, she is surely notorious.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Carla - I just saw this! I am so, so sorry. I loved Henry as much as one could love an Internet cat from a distance. You were privileged to have her right in your lap - or at least, to take marching orders from her.

I can imagine you will miss her dearly - well, maybe forever. Thank you for sharing her snark and her elegance. Yes, even in ridiculous costumes, she was elegant (if pissed). I hope you'll keep this blog up as a tribute to her.

Love and whisker rubs from

Henry said...

Thank you, sg. I thought about trying to pick it back up with a "What Would Henry Think" theme but my heart's just not in it without her face for inspiration.

LJP said...

I haven't checked her for awhile--took an internet break for awhile. I'm so sorry about Henry. May Henry find my own beloved cat Smokey (who passed at age 24). She's been gone a few years now, and we adopted two young adult cats. They are great and wonderful company, but Smokers was one of a kind, the cat sent to teach me so many things.

We never have them long enough. There is nothing like a cat, and especially a great cat.