Monday, July 6, 2009

Obituary of the week

In my newest weekly segment, Obituary of the Week, I bid farewell to Robert McNamara, Harvard grad and so-called “Architect of the Vietnam War”, at age 93. Henry's Travels is pondering why it is that Ivy league schools produce so many infamous architects. (Donnie Rumsfeld, Princeton, Pauly Wolfowitz, Cornell, Georgie Tenet, Columbia, Scooter-y Libby, Yale, and so on and so on).

I'm also wondering why warmongers enjoy such longevity. Henry's Travels is convinced Dick Cheney will live to be 110, and unlike the supposedly regretful McNamara,will still be dominating talk shows and prattling on about the effectiveness of torture.
"Torture. Wahh. Waterboard me now and I'll tell you my secret smoothie recipe. Wahh. OK, I'll tell you anyway. In a blender, mix a can of Ensure, one cup of oatmeal, a dollop of tapioca pudding and a dash of the urine of Beelzebub."

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