Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ousted, Peter Rabbit the Horse

Last August, I wrote about the plight of dear old Peter Rabbit the Horse and his impending cruel eviction from the town of Hickman, Nebraska. In spite of being made national fools, the heartless powers-that-be finally gave him the official boot on Feb. 5. Henry's Travels received this correspondence from Peter's owners.
To the family and friends of Peter Rabbit, the Hickman Horse:

For those of you that aren’t aware of it, we wanted you to know the status of our horse. Unfortunately, he was moved yesterday (2.5.09) to a farm a couple of miles south of town. Thankfully, everyone involved survived and there were no injuries. Both Jack and Peter Rabbit were pretty lathered up after about an hour of pushing and coaxing, but he was finally loaded in the trailer. This is not the outcome we had all hoped for, but the attorneys we consulted didn’t think we had much legal recourse. And it was obvious the City Council and Mayor were not going to allow Peter Rabbit to stay in the pasture. We would like to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers and words of encouragement during this two and a half-year ordeal.

If you would like to follow this story, go to
Feel free to blog in your thoughts at this website, we would love for the Hickman City officials to know how much their actions were frowned upon. You may also contact the Hickman City officials through the City Administrator at Amazingly enough, the "Contact Us" icon on Hickman’s website is disabled.

Please pass this email on to everyone and perhaps we can give Peter Rabbit the recognition he deserves one last time. Again thank you everyone for all of your support.

The Scott Family
From one aging critter to another: Godspeed, Peter.

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